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I've had the opportunity to work with Story of Ams and other tech companies to create videos of their apps and websites. Whether as an introduction video for the product or to incorporate motion into the platform itself. 
Intersport Ski Finder - January 2020

The Intersport Ski Finder app is helping people find the right ski equipment for their next winter holidays. 
Bols Website - February 2020

Global and legendary liquor brand Bols approached Story of Ams to help them create a fantastic digital experience for the rebranding of their cocktail flavors.

STAIY - April 2020

Introduction video for the new sustainable fashion marketplace STAIY. Design and development was done by Story of Ams.
Policy Hub - January 2020

Policy Hub is on a mission to accelerate circular practices in the apparel and footwear industry. 
Intersport + Nike Braw Finder - October 2019

Together with Story of Ams, Intersport created an app to help women find the right sports bra. 
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